Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote in fotobilder_user,
Susan Dennis

One of my galleries is sick

I am getting what appears to be a database/coding error when I try to manage one of my galleries:

The heading graphic on the page obscures the first part of the error but the last part is:  lj/fb/lib/FB/ line 720 ]

My other galleries seem to be fine. - problem gallery is the one called clipart.

If I should take this issue somewhere else, please tell me and I will.  Ditto if someone needs more or different info to help me fix.  Thanks.

Edited with extra info (same info in comment):

More details on error:
[Error: Invalid upicid at /home/lj/fb/lib/FB/ line 720 ] Home >
Manage Galleries > clipartclipart
Welcome, susandennis!

I did some poking around and discovered that while
nets me the error
gets me right where I want to go (but I cannot get there clicking - must build URL manually)

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