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What happened to the old "web upload page" where I could put in titles and descriptions when I uploaded the pictures...I miss that page. I don't like this new one with just the 10 boxes for uploading the picture...then you have to go to another page to put in the info for title/tag/desc.

The old way let me put in title/desc while I was uploading...Now I have to go to the "annotate" page to do that.
The old page clicking on the picture brought me to the "manage pic" page in the same window...then I could click again to go to the pic in the gallery, then again to just view the pic and URL.

NOW...I click on the pic in "annotate" and it opens a new window (I hate new windows, that's why I use firefox...so I can tab my webpages)...then I go to the manage page...and through all that stuff to get the URL for posting in my journal.

SO basically, you've added another step to my process...and I get another window that I didn't want.

I kinda like the annotate page, but I just don't want that extra step to get to the image URL. I guess I'll just have to right click and "view image" to get the URL...that would be easier...

So I guess my gripe (after much rambling) is that I don't like things to open in a new window when I click on them...I can do that on my own (and I'd open in a new tab, not a window). And why'd the web upload page get changed, I liked the way it was?

Could this be changed, or am I stuck with it?
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