Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote in fotobilder_user,
Susan Dennis

Why do these images show broken when the URL isn't?

The first time this happened, I just blew it off as an anomaly but now it's happened again and it's beginning to annoy me...

I always load all my pictures the same way every time. I use them only for beautifying (?) my LJ entries.

The one that is 5 rows down and 9 pix over can be viewed via the URL of - shows up fine in every browser I have. BUT when I stick that URL into an img code, it renders the dreaded broken image X

Ditto with

But, off that very same page - uploaded the very same way - works fine...

What's going on? Why do some work and some don't? I'd like for all of them to be usable in IMG SRC codes. What am I missing?
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