Deana (deana_in_texas) wrote in fotobilder_user,

This may have been addressed before, but I went back quite a ways and did not find any mention of it. If it has, please feel free to direct me to a link rather than feeling the need to re-explain everything. It could be that I'm just too stupid to see the obvious solution right in front of my face, but I can't find it.

I started uploading pictures a few months ago to show my mom, but it was only two gallaries and it wasn't important. I've decided now that I like it and would like to add many more photos. However, when I added new gallaries to my top level, everything shows up in the order that I created the gallaries. Is there a way to change the order? Or am I going to have to delete everything I already have in there, add my new gallary so it shows up first, and then add everything back in all over again? And if later I decide I want yet another gallary, will I have to do this all over again? I can't seem to find a way to change what order the gallaries are displayed.

Same goes for the order pictures are displayed within my gallary. I already have lots of pictures of my cats uploaded, and I've recently been on a project of scanning old pictures to go on my computer. I would like to add them to the gallary for my cats, but they show up at the end of the list since I uploaded them most recently. Is there a way to move them to the top since they are actually the oldest, or will I have to delete all the pictures that are in there, add the scanned photos, then add the newer pictures again?

Maybe there's a style or something that will allow me to sort, because I can't seem to find an option as of now. Also, where do I get new styles? The only one I'm given access to is "Unnamed style."

Thanks in advance for any help you're able to give.

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