♥♪ Hanneli ♥♪ (stinkybum) wrote in fotobilder_user,
♥♪ Hanneli ♥♪

this is bugging me ;)

I created some styles.. and went to add some text descriptions to one of my galleries (Eaton Center gallery) the text shows in the text boxes when I am managing the galleries. it saves it and still shows it. then it wont show it in the actual gallery. BUT, in another style I have created, it does show the text. (Hanneli gallery) the difference between the 2 styles is, the one that wont show my text is using the hover style.. and the one that uses super simple. Have i over looked this? am I not able ot use text descriptions while usoing hte colour hover? and only super simple? lemme know :D

and please can you add the option that we may change the name of a style? I dont want to go deleting them just to re create them to re name them. :/

opps! I just noticed Brads post about creating styles using super simple only for now. I assume this is why I cant add the text to my colour hover gallery? still under developement? anyhow, forget the first part of the post lol

Also when I am managing my galleries, I just noticed I keep getting a 404 error when accessing my unsorted photos. I just lost about 8 personal pictures. vanished! I cant find them, I figured since I did not put them in a gallery, they would go to my unsorted. but it shows me there is nothing in that gallery, and like i said clicking on it, brings me to an error page

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