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Previous Entry Subgalleries. May. 4th, 2005 @ 12:40 am Next Entry
I just made my first album with subgalleries and I've got some questions.

The gallery in question has eight subgalleries (I'm using the Smoove Scrapbook style) which all appear across the top of the index for the gallery in question. I'm curious if there were more subgalleries if they would just continue to carry onward to the right or would they at some point wrap down to a new line?

If they do eventually wrap I want to know if I can currently set the max number to wrap at. (This was not something it appeared that I could set yet. I can set how many photos per page and how many galleries per page for the main index but nothing about subgalleries.)

After seeing the way that the subgalleries were presented I wanted to know (I'm using 150x120 thumbnails currently) if there was a way that I could use a specific thumbnail size for a gallery that has subgalleries? I'm thinking about using 100x100 thumbs for anything with a subgallery, but didn't find anywhere that might allow me to make that an option.

While I'm at it, is there some possibility of being able to change the wording under the subgallery thumbs? This way I could use "images" or "pics" or something shorter than "pictures" in order to avoid having the text wrap.

I appreciate any help or answers you have.
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