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My post is mostly for the FB devs who read this community.

I will lay odds that this issue has been raised before, but since no comment on it (of either the "we know and we like it this way" or the "we're working on it" flavour) seems to be visible, perhaps it deserves more attention -- hence this post. Squeaky wheel.

"Groups" in Fotobilder/pics.lj/ScrapBook lack complete integration with friends groups in Livejournal (which, considering that FB is offered as a part of an LJ paid membership, is not a positive). There's some measure of integration, which, perversely, just serves to highlight the areas that aren't completely integrated.

Some points:

- There is no default "Friends" level security for FB, merely "Public," "Private," "Registered Users," and "All Groups."*
- FB Groups appear to have transferred over from LJ friends groups at some point, but there is no constant integration. This means that making new friends groups in LJ does not translate over to new FB groups, nor does deleting friends groups in LJ delete the corresponding FB groups. Whether editing friends group membership in LJ has an effect upon group membership in FB is something I am not sure of, but considering the lack of integration in other areas, I am betting that changing one has no effect upon the other.

Are these issues something fotobilder devs are working on, or is integration going to remain as it currently exists in this beta?

Footnotes: Yes, there are ways to work around 'group' issues. I'm not looking for information on workarounds or the like; I'm looking for information on the general status of groups integration as far as dev goes.
* Others apparently have an LJ:all_friends group. If that group has complete integration with the LJ friends list, why do the other groups not have it? If this is viable as a group for FB, are there plans to add it as a definite security level, as with "Registered Users" or "Public"?

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