Cheesemon (cheesemon) wrote in fotobilder_user,

Strange names + Caching

Just curious, any of you have LJ rename your pictures into an actual word when uploading? This one happened to me on the first day I started using LJ:


Alright, if that's a little off-topic, I do have another question. I've flipped back several months and no one's mentioned it, so hope it hasn't been covered yet. Is it just me, or does Scrapbook not allow caching? I like to preview my journal a lot while I'm writing, and its tough waiting for all the images to reload everytime since I often post 40+ pictures at once . . when I want to reply or check comments, it's the same waiting process too. My browser doesn't have problems with caching images on other sites or my previous image host, and I would think that LJ would want to keep cache on to lighten up bandwidth load. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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