Dominus Jaden 'Dragon' Nolan (jalajscion) wrote in fotobilder_user,
Dominus Jaden 'Dragon' Nolan

Did not know where to ask

This is mostly for the LJ staff for I did not know where else to ask.

I'm learning to creat mood themes with my LJ account. What I'm running into is that I use the mood editor and scaled down the width and the height. When I load it up it comes up as 50 by 50 AFTER I post the blog. When I get ready to update and I click on the mood I wish to choose, the image reverts to the orginal size that is on my Scrapbook. Also a friend says when it comes up when he views his friends page it winds up being 1536 by 1024 and chews up his bandwidth. When I look at the posted blog it looks 50 by 50.

1. Could you tell me what you see and what size the mood theme is when you read my blog and if the orginal size pops up. Plus can you tell me why the orginal size pops up when I choose the them before I post.

2. Do I have to resize all the images that I wish to use to 50 by 50, before I load them to mood editor? (the smallest it will do is 100 by 64. When I do it the long way. *You don't want to know the long way of how I do it.*

Any help from the LJ staff woud be great. Sorry for posting the question here.

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