The Hooded One (pantsgolem) wrote in fotobilder_user,
The Hooded One

Losing sort order

I have a gallery with over 100 pics in it. When I go to the Text & Security page and try to switch from 50 pics per page to 100 per page, without changing anything else on the page, it screws up my previously saved sort order.

It appears to just be switching the position of picture 1 with 51, 2 with 52, etc. up to 50 with 100, and repeating the process gets everything back in order, as far as I can tell. This only happens when I use the Switch button from the 50-picture (default) page, not when I manually add pagesize=100 to the URL. I haven't tried switching to one of the other options, but I'd guess something extra is happening with that submit that's moving things around.
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