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Bug report: New images being reshuffled with the old images.

In my "dog park" gallery, I have a little over 200 pictures of dogs taken at my local off-leash dog park:

Just recently ALL of the pictures got randomly shuffled for no apparent reason. It was after I had done a recent upload, and the images did not appear at the end of my gallery (keeping them in order) .. I found them mixed in, every other picture, but some stayed in order, some didn't, and some relocated to the beginning of the gallery when they were in the middle.
A good example is here:
Starting with the first picture of the husky pup, every other picture after that is new (uploaded just today, but dated/taken March 9th) and the pictures of the black dog with the adult husky and others inbetween are old, uploaded at least a month ago, but dated/taken March 28th 2004. I put the date taken on each of my pictures. But I have not found an apparent reason why my images keep reshuffling themselves.

I've been using the fotobilder client to upload them to "unsorted" and then describing them and uploading them from there, and haven't done anything different recently to knowingly warrant such a seemingly random reshuffling of all my images.

Since these are new uploads, shouldn't they appear at the "last" pages?
Is there a way to make them appear in the order I uploaded them again without risk of the annoying reshuffling? Its honestly rather frustrating to have the new images appear shuffled in with the old.

To someone who is looking for their picture of their dog, and has already gone through the gallery last time, but looking for new images, will have a very hard time finding it without going through the gallery again from the beginning, when you used to just be able to push "last" and view the pictures "last uploaded" and go backwards.

Sorry if I'm a little confusing with my descriptions, I'll try to clarify if you need more information.

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