Michael (masterslacker) wrote in fotobilder_user,

Layout Runtine error

I've written my own layout for Scrapbook, and I've run into a problem - well more like a problem has arisen that didn't when I first wrote the layout.

On my Picture pages (The ones that come from a Gallery page), I used to scale my images to a maximum of 500x500 so that it didn't stretch the page out. I used this code:

var Image pageThumb = $.picture->get_image(500,500); # get a scaled version of the image
$pageThumb->print(); # print the scaled image
# $.picture.fullimage->print(); # print the unscaled image

The pages will not load at all now. What I find extremely odd is that the page will only load if the get_image method is called with paramters 100,100 - anything else and the page never loads, no error messages at all.

I am so confused why this would be happening now. Any ideas anyone?
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