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I'm absolutely thrilled that fotoup.pl uploaded all my images on the first try today! Somewhat, confused, as well. I uploaded 330 images, there are 330 images in the gallery, great. However, fotoup.pl gave me lots of '500 EOF instead of reponse status line'. I've hacked it to create a log file of success and failure, and it reports 311 failures and 19 successes. The code that reports them (starting at line 223) is:

    open(LOG, ">>fotoup.log");
    if ($res->is_success) {
        print $res->content, "\n";
        print LOG "$length\t$file\t1\n";
    } else {
        my $error = ($res->content() || error_as_str($res));
        print $error, "\n";
        print LOG "$length\t$file\t0\n";
It looks like $res is a regular HTTP::Response object, so I'm not sure why it would return a false negative ...? ETA: That error no longer appears. How puzzling! I'm going to assume the devs did something, and say 'thank you'. :)

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