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Style bug..?

Style : Vestibule
Theme : Killcrank
Browser : IE6 ( No problem with Firefox, but being that IE is my, and the rest of the worlds defult browser.. )
Problem : ( Click Me )

As you can see, the Text is disjointed from the Bullet.. I have no problem with any of the other bullets for sub galleries, so I haven't a clue.. Any ideas ?

While I'm posting, I minus well ask a few other things..
-Now with my LJ Style, I was lucky enough to find a community that basically had "Mods for dummies", enough that I was able to get my journal looking the way I wanted it to.. However I haven't found any of that for Scrapbook, and nothing I learned from my LJ style seems to carry over.. So is there any stuff on basically doing a theme from start to finish up anywhere ? Or is it even possible ?
-Is is possible to edit the text used in my style ? That is, say I wanted to change all the text like login (/manage) to use Capital letters, same with gallery storing, and stuff like that ? Lower case words/titles bug me to no end..
-Lastly, is there now, or are there any plans, to allow for the use of HTML or LJLinks in descriptions ? I'd have things like my DLM Mood Theme, that I want to credit to another LJ user, with the typical link, but it doesn't work..
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