Marathon Runnin' Mama (ladycoreopsis) wrote in fotobilder_user,
Marathon Runnin' Mama

Thanks for all the hard work on ScrapBook thus far. I have a thing to nit-pick about, however, and I'm certain that there must be others out there that feel the same as myself. I have been testing ScrapBook using the web, not any client. Will someone let me know if one of the clients actually takes care of my problem?

The problem I have is with the photo ordering method. I find it completely frustrating to have to click each individual placer arrow to get your photos in the desired order in your gallery, especially if you have 50 some photos in one gallery. I've seen some photo hosting services allow a pulldown menu next to the picture that allows you to determine which position you want it to be in (first, tenth, 57th...). Is this feature in the works?

Thank you.
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