Dominus Jaden 'Dragon' Nolan (jalajscion) wrote in fotobilder_user,
Dominus Jaden 'Dragon' Nolan

Regarding resizing to LJ specs

What size should the photo or image be so it may begin scaling. I've tried on a few images to resize but it keeps giving me error message saying invalid scaling error. So what x what should the image begin with before it starts resizing?

(I had to do it the "bassackwards" way: 1. click post to LJ. 2. resize to thumbnail. Than copy the image to my C drive and than upload it to my Lj account for an icon use.)


Oh by the way.... THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN that other photo hosting site that I have. It does not allow me to resize the image. So I'm only using that as a back up in case something happens here. Plus, I hope that paid members on LJ our allowed a free account on "Scrapbook". This site just rocks.

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