will (wirobro) wrote in fotobilder_user,

Error when sending multiple image attachments via e-mail posting

I've successfully managed to e-mail post a journal entry with one image attached from my mobile/cellphone, but multiple images brings up this error in the journal entry. It succeeds in uploading one of the photos to the specified gallery, but not the rest.

"Error uploading pict: Data sent does not match MD5: got=53799 you=d9b8039f0508c289b42e0ac0083e25ac saw=266ebc185eebc8b8ab68a0a6319be9fd"

I've tried sending a e-mail with multiple images attached to another e-mail account see if it's my mobile/cellphone's e-mail client being dodgy, but the other account receives all three attachments okay. It was about 208k in total, about 60/70k each. Any ideas?

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