more organs means more human. (phasera) wrote in fotobilder_user,
more organs means more human.

img src, URL, and original file names

hi. I apologize if someone's asked this before, but I'm new to fotobuilder, so bear with me:

Is it possible when viewing the pictures to have them display URL and img src info? And also, to keep the original file name when uploading pictures?

These are just some of the things I'm used to from dealing with photobucket, but as some of you may know, photobucket just had the huge crash of DEATh and it's not fixed yet and such. :/ So I remembered about LJ having image hosting and decided to try it out. Except I'm finding it really inconvienient to use for practical, everyday img hosting. O_o Like, I couldn't imagine trying to host a mood theme there and having to painstakingly search out and use the weird little "/000x17tb" code names for the pictures instead of "/happy.jpg" or "/quixotic.jpg".

Unless I'm totally misconstruing the purpose of Fotobuilder, in which case I apologize and just ignore me.
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