Magic Magpie (quirrc) wrote in fotobilder_user,
Magic Magpie

bug report

when uploading the same picture several times on the second and all following tries I get the same first part of reply
upicid: 10
and then some web page


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Welcome to the stock FotoBilder installation!

FotoBilder is still in development. Everything is mostly done now (see the grand plans), but we're working on usability and prettiness.


To upload a picture, you need a client.

Source Code & Manual

If you read the aforementioned "grand plans", you'll have read that FotoBilder is designed to be used by individuals and small groups, as well as multi-million user installations. In fact, several people are already using FotoBilder for their own picture hosting on their own servers. Maybe you'd like to do the same. Or maybe you just want to work on some S2 styles. Whatever the case, here's the source code and manual:

  • Server source -- snapshots of CVS
  • CVS -- you'll need the "fb", "wcmtools", and "bml" modules, but it won't be obvious how to install them without reading the manual.
  • Manual -- very new & immature, but should get you running.

Questions/Bug Reports

You can mail me at with questions and bug reports.

another picture gives the same result i.e. 1st upload correct, 2nd contains *web* page.

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