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I've made a new XSL now to output TouchGraph XML from the LJ FotoBuilder backup. This is more useful than the below, though it would be cool for nodes to be images. More info:


I've come up with an XSL style sheet that will translate your fotobuilder export XML into GraphML for viewing & layout with yEd. That might not seem clear, so here is what mine looks like so far:

Organic layout: ... Hierarchical layout:

  1. Download your .xml export from
  2. Download this .xsl file to the same directory.
  3. Make sure you have Java installed, then Web Start is the easiest way to use yEd.
  4. In yEd go to File > Open, then Files of type: XML + XSL, then choose your export data XML file, then choose LJfb2yEd.xsl for your XSL.
  5. It will take a second to load your thumbnails, once it does go to Layout > Organic > Smart and see what you can see.
Notes: Yours will look quite different depending on how you categorize your images and how many you have. There are some quirky nodes that come up, just delete them and reapply the layout. Anybody that actually knows anything about XSL can feel free to help me fix it :)

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