♥♪ Hanneli ♥♪ (stinkybum) wrote in fotobilder_user,
♥♪ Hanneli ♥♪

my minor problems.

when I upload pictures, why wont the window clear after I upload pictures? like I upload them. and the file names are still there. shouldnt it automatically clear so I dont have to highlight them all then click remove? Shouldnt the remove button just be for when I want to remove a picture before upload? not remove them all after I have uploaded? lol Kind of like the live journal Client for posting entries. when I click post, it goes away. It does not stay so I have to highlight it and delete it so I can make a new post.

also when I close the client. and I re open it. it says logged in as galleries@hanneli, I have to manually change it back to my login name and login again. Ok i understand it should/might log me out. but why does it say galleries@hanneli ?

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