The Woman in Purple (rainbow_goddess) wrote in fotobilder_user,
The Woman in Purple

My first try at using the photohosting

Try number 1: I got a "command line" error. From comments on another entry, I see that that is probably because I had not yet created an album.

Try number 2: I created an album, and tried to upload two pictures. I got an error message telling me my disk space was full. This is odd, since I had not yet posted any pictures. By the way, I am not using a Mac.

Try number 3: I tried uploading one picture. I was told the upload was successful, but the picture did not appear after the "you have uploaded the following picture" message, and it did not appear in the gallery. In fact, I was told there were no pictures in the gallery. I find that odd, since I had just been told I'd uploaded a picture.

Try number 4: Success! I managed to upload a picture.
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