Ben Bleything (bleything) wrote in fotobilder_user,
Ben Bleything

Help me develop a new Windows client!

Hey all!

As jproulx mentioned a week or so ago, "one of our developers is working on a new client that will eventually run on different operating systems". That developer is me. Hi.

While it's true that the client will eventually run on Linux (and any other platform that supports Mono), my primary focus right now is getting it working under Windows. Most of the core protocol functionality is complete, now it's time to start talking about usability.

To that end, I come with questions. What features do you want in a client? Tell me how you envision using a client. Anything goes.

A note, though. The current protocol is somewhat limited. Many of the features available through the web interface are only available via the web. While that could change at some point, I'm certainly not holding my breath. Still, I'd like to hear your thoughts and ideas. Thanks!

Update: It's important to note that I'm not soliciting suggestions on ways to improve the protocol. I'm looking specifically for your thoughts on what a client should do. How do you want to select photos? Do you want to be able to recursively upload entire directories into a matching gallery hierarchy? That sort of thing.
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