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Previous Entry Status Aug. 18th, 2004 @ 07:06 pm Next Entry
As you know, we've recently upgraded the code on the live site, so almost all of the changes we've been working on are available to you. One of the major things that was updated is the security model of pictures and galleries, and how it relates to LiveJournal...

The old model:
Pictures and galleries had their own security settings, but we decided when to display pictures based on the galleries they were in. Because of this, we had to implement a new gallery security type called "Mixed" so that a public gallery could have public and private images. This was pretty confusing to explain, and didn't allow for certain special cases of having public images in private galleries.

The new model:
Pictures and galleries still have their own security settings, but we've narrowed the security implications in all situations. A picture's security only affects when to show the picture, and if a thumbnail should be created if it's in a gallery. Gallery security now only affects who sees that gallery (pictures in a gallery do not inherit that gallery's security settings). This way there's more user control; now you can have public pictures in private galleries, private pictures in public galleries, etc. There's also a new security option on the "Upload a Picture" and the "Manage Picture" pages.

A side effect of this new model is that when you change the security setting of a gallery that used to have "Mixed" security, you might be given a list of pictures that weren't affected by the change because they already had their own security level.

LiveJournal Integration
The FotoBilder groups interface now syncs up with your LiveJournal friends groups, and only includes accounts that aren't community, syndicated, news, or shared journals. There's also a special group called "all_friends" that works as the catchall "friends" security setting.

In the future we'll be hosting other content services (such as DeadJournal), so you'll be able to create groups that include LiveJournal accounts as well as accounts on those services.

There are a few issues you might run into over the next few weeks:
Randomly private images
Due to all of the changes we've made to security settings, there might be instances of pictures set to private seemingly random. This happens when we don't have enough explicit security information to suggest a new setting, so we make them private just in case.
Incorrect gallery counts
Another remnant issue of our security settings updates. It's pretty minor, and we'll be going through and fixing it over the next couple of days.

That aside, we're still working on interface and backend improvements. Michael's got a spiffy new version of the "Post to LiveJournal" page that's much easier to use, and David has just finished a new feature that will allow you to create LiveJournal user pictures out of your uploaded FotoBilder images.
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Date:August 21st, 2004 06:30 pm (UTC)
Gallery security now only affects who sees that gallery (pictures in a gallery do not inherit that gallery's security settings).

If that is the case, then why is it that when I attempted to post a public picture from a private gallery, did the update journal page warn me that some of the pictures that I selected were private and wouldn't display to everyone?
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