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Baking is like science for hungry people

Uploading pictures

I joined this morning, and when I tried to upload a picture using the web form I was informed that I couldn't. I had a look at the Status and it told me that "users of this status cannot upload files of any type" which I thought was slightly odd.

So I created a gallery, to see if it was a permissions problem, which worked. And was then able to upload pictures into it.

Is it not possible to upload pictures without having a gallery to upload them into? From reading entries here it seems like that isn't the case, and if it is the case it might be useful to make that explicit in the documentation. Was it just LJ taking it's time to set up all the permissions for my account? I imagine that there'll be quite a few automagical processes that need to be undertaken before people can upload piccies.

Secondly, I tried to modify the "Tab" colour in the "Portfoloroid" style (Edit Layers) by clicking "Choose" and it took me back to the Edit Style screen.

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