Will (kaoslord) wrote in fotobilder_user,

My first impression

Here's a list of my first impressions, and requests as well as a small comparision to my current provider.. fotki.

I'd like to see the ability to add information about a picture, WHEN you upload the picture, in the same form.

1 go to the upload page, "How many pictures would you like to upload?"
--Pick from a drop down of 1 - 10
2 the proper page comes up with the ammount of "browse" needed, and it has a field for title, and a text area for description as well as a combo box to add to gallery, the combo box lets you add to more than one gallery. as well as creating a new one.
--this all was super easy in PHP but I don't know how easy it will be with perl.
3 The final page.. tells you update successfull or not. and shows you thumbs of the pics uploaded and the info posted as well as a list of the galleries posted to

**I dont know how well perl works with CGI and variables from forms, but again, this woulda been piece of cake in php, so thats why i suggested it, i figured it shouldnt be too hard in perl



i miss the image preview on the fotki image upload activeX, perhaps this could be on the client? I dont think it should be too hard to add.

The client just did not work for me.. so i didn't test it.
--explanation: i tried uploading pics, it uploaded them, but they never showed in my galleries, also i couldnt get my list of galleries to load into the client.


it would be nice to on the side of it maybe be able to pick from the 256 standardweb-palette colors.. so many colors are frankly confussing, if i want to have multiple themes and keep the colors the same its going to be hard to pick the same color again from the picker.. if not impossible, I would like the ability to pick from the standard 256 color palette, and maybe an extra 32 colors or something from a "saved custom colors" palette.


--multiple crop states
----explanation: a picture can have multiple crop states. like a 4:3 a panoramic, a 1:1
--automatic cropping to a certain aspect ratio
----explanation: basically a resizeable, moveable box that allways kept its aspect ratio
--by default right now on the latest ie, the crop box by default has selection parts outside the picture bounds.
--What the hell does cropping do? it apparently had no effect on anything when i tested it.
--what is the focus point ?


The url's are ugly.

I think styles should have some, pre-generated color scheme's to pick from

Password protected galleries that any user with the password can see, no need for registration

I liked on fotki how i could have a tree of albums displayed with every page

I would like to see the ability comment on pictures


would it be easier to build this in a wiki format? not really open to everyone, but to like only documentation volunteers and dev members etc? the wikipedia script is small, easy to install uses mysql and has the history revissions to protect from vandalism.


--I REALLY like the stand-alone client.
--I REALLY like the ability to add galleries from the client (even if its broken)
--I REALLY like being able to see a bunch of pictures and edit all thei info at once through the text & security menu
--I LOVE being able to customize my galleries. like big time love.

--no image preview on client [Minor]
--fotki url-s are read-friendly. which made them easier to give out to friends. etc
proposed alias picpix.com/user/galleryname/[child?.../]pic#/ [Minor]
--NO EXIF data reading
--No traffic statistics [Minor]
--no password protected albums [BIG ONE]
--no option to see tree on pages. [minor]
--no comments [BIG ONE]

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