December 5th, 2005

HOWL Blonde Howl


I have only recently acquired a paid account and therefore my scrapbook.

I managed to upload 10 pictures/photos, I did hit a few problems while doing this, in that I had to keep hitting the upload button until it finally stopped freezing at around 80%, but they all uploaded in the end.

Yesterday and today I have tried to upload another batch of pictures. Now, it either freezes and no amount of hitting the upload button seems to correct this, or it gets to around 15-20% then starts again with out me hitting anything. It will do this a few times and then freeze.

I tried the XP client and it only gives me the option to upload onto MSN, not scrapbook. I have no idea what the command-line client is, I don't have iPhoto and the last one, Filmgold is it, seems to be a dead link.

I am getting very frustrated...

I hope I am not doing something incredibly stupid. At the moment I am blaming AOL, as it seems to cause most the problems in my [internet] life.

Can anyone help?