November 12th, 2005


framed layout

y'all know that <frameset>s belong inside the <head> tag, right?

might wanna put 'em there.

edit: this was posted? o.0

here's the body of a post i made to my personal journal after i posted this entry to the queue:
follow-up to a post that's in the fotobilder_user queue, posted here because they only allow one post per user in the queue:

well, ok, the <frameset> element does replace the <body> tag, but, most of the contents of $noborder don't validate as xhtml 1.0 frameset.
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tree birds
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May be a silly question, but why are there no links/pictures here: ?

i have uploaded many pictures, tagged them, etc, but try as i might i cannot seem to find somewhere to publish/upload them so they show up on this main page.

thanks so much!

also, as a side note, why don't i get e-mails telling me that someone's commented anymore? its slightly confusing cause i never know when people comment now.

Tags, And Galleries and Confusion, Oh My!

So I put some photos up online, and then made use of the new glorious Tagging functionality, assuming that this would put them into galleries.  After all, you could put photos into multiple galleries, I assumes that the tags were the same thing.

But no, they're not.

Is there a reason why we have two near-identical systems in place?

Or that I can't just convert all my current galleries to tags, or vice versa and then keep them the same?
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