July 31st, 2005


What is a Good Photo Size?

When I first started to use Scrapbook I didn't pay attention to the size of the photo files I was downloading. My account was close to max in no time.

I now want to organize and maximize my Scrapbook photos for posting to my journal.

What is a good size to use when downloading photos?

Can I resize photos in Scrapbook? I couldn't find any resize tools.
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S2 core layer, [Meta] Community Suggestion, Project status query

Previously, FotoBilder (and I assume the hosted version) and LJ.com's implementation - ScrapBook used an earlier version of the S2 core layer; circa 2002/3 IIRC [previous entry]. Is this still the case or was it updated?

Existing members obviously know this community's username, it could possibly be made easier to find by adding some interests to the userinfo page though. Some suggestions: advanced customization, css, custom layouts, custom styles, customisation, customization, fotobilder, gallery, image galleries, image gallery, image hosting, livejournal customization, livejournal image hosting, livejournal layouts, livejournal styles, lj customization, lj design, lj image hosting, lj picture hosting, paid accounts, paid benefits, paid users, paidusers, permanent accounts, picture hosting, s2

Could perhaps place links to the client comms on the userinfo page too (e.g. fbdotnet, fb_jix, filmgold, ifotobilder, phaseclients,
client developer: halkeyephotodote)? But that said I can see why that'd be problematic as they're unofficial, possibly at varying stages and there's a page on the ScrapBook site itself to list clients already.

Officially, what the status of the project (overall & SB)? Is it still in beta and if so is there a projected 'launch' date for the master/release version?