March 11th, 2005

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Do all provided styles resize the pictures when viewing the galleries?

Hi, I'm brand new to trying out scrapbook and I went back several pages to try to find an answer to this, but couldn't. Please let me know if I missed a FAQ document and forgive me if this newbie question is covered elsewhere.

I'm not at all competent with html or styles, so maybe I need to wait for the non-beta test version. I am very picky about my photography displaying correctly. I would just like the pictures in my galleries NOT to be resized. The resized results are horrible, and nothing I can use.

I *think* I tried every provided style, but they all resized most of my photos - and left them so blurry and full of artifacts that I'm afraid that I'll not be able to use the scrapbook at all.

So, does any LJ provided style display the photos at the original posting size? Because I can't find any that do. :(

The photo that is suffering the most is here: - I can see that at the photo is correctly displaying (note it is just a smidgen bigger, but no blur or artifacts), but if there are no LJ provided styles that will display the original uploaded photo, I'll just have to delete my galleries and keep using the old fashioned and tedious way of uploading my photos to my photo hosting site and linking them in the text of my posts. I'd rather use scrapbook if it is possible (WITHOUT having to teach myself html and styles.)
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uploading icons

I've been trying for the past few days to upload icons from ScrapBook. But every time I get "error trying to fetch your image". I noticed that when I uploaded an icon from Photobucket it worked fine, as did uploading from a file. I'm assuming it's a problem with ScrapBook. Is this happening to anyone else?

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