February 2nd, 2005

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Post by email

I've tried 3 times tonight to upload photos to my LJ via post by email from my Tmobile Sidekick II phone. I've gotten it to do it before, but tonight the LJ post is going up without the photos attached. I checked in my Scrapbook and they're not even getting uploaded to there. I thought maybe my sig was messing it up for some reason, but even when I take that out, the post goes up sans photos. Is anyone else having this issue?
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Bandwidth: How much is too much?

FAQ: What are LiveJournal's limitations on data?
The above referenced FAQ deals with the maximum size various things can be in various places around the site, but I have a question about bandwidth. I have a 939 byte image that had 2255713 hits last month. It's like the user icon, except it's red: (The reason that it gets so many hits is that it's attached the results of some annoying quiz thing.)

Is there currently a specified limitation on how much bandwidth an account or image can consume before it is officially considered impolite? Theoretically, I could just point the image source to a copy here and save myself over a gig of bandwidth every month. Even so, that seems to me to be not very nice, especially since FotoBilder is still in beta right now. So how much is too much? When FotoBilder is no longer in beta, how much will be too much?
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