January 25th, 2005


md5 mismatch error: gone?

Theoretically, the md5 mismatch error should not be showing up anymore.

This fix is a long time coming, but it is live, so if any of you have run into the dreaded problem before, please go ahead and try again, and see if you have any problems, or if things work just fine.

I won't go into the technical details here, but it was a very, very deeply rooted problem in our load balancer Perlbal. It has taken months to root out and find, so hopefully the bug fixed this evening was the only thing causing the md5 mismatches. :)
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Slide show

Will you incorporate a program where we could have a pics be a slide show? I use the PB site only as a back up. You all have more options like changing the order of the pics. But it would be cool to have a slide show option and more freedom of tailoring our Scrapbook account.

I know you all are working hard and this is the best. I just hope it doesn't ever go away. This is great. I know there will always be critics but I just love this site.

i'm gonna shove this right up your a**, found it!
  • miome


I'm absolutely thrilled that fotoup.pl uploaded all my images on the first try today! Somewhat, confused, as well. I uploaded 330 images, there are 330 images in the gallery, great. However, fotoup.pl gave me lots of '500 EOF instead of reponse status line'. I've hacked it to create a log file of success and failure, and it reports 311 failures and 19 successes. The code that reports them (starting at line 223) is:

    open(LOG, ">>fotoup.log");
    if ($res->is_success) {
        print $res->content, "\n";
        print LOG "$length\t$file\t1\n";
    } else {
        my $error = ($res->content() || error_as_str($res));
        print $error, "\n";
        print LOG "$length\t$file\t0\n";
It looks like $res is a regular HTTP::Response object, so I'm not sure why it would return a false negative ...? ETA: That error no longer appears. How puzzling! I'm going to assume the devs did something, and say 'thank you'. :)
  • tobyaw

iPhoto Exporter

I've been working on an iPhoto plugin to upload images to Scrapbook. Its currently in beta: you can download it at:
(requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later, and iPhoto 4)

It will currently upload photos at full size, or at a choice of reduced sizes. I know there are plenty of features I should be adding, but at the moment I'm keen to make sure the basic functionality is solid.

To install it, download the disc image. Make sure that iPhoto is not running. Select iPhoto in your Applications folder, select "Get Info" (from the File menu or from the contextual menu), open the Plugins section of the info dialogue and click on "Add...". In the file dialogue, navigate to the mounted disc image and choose "LiveJournal.iPhotoExporter". Close the info dialogue, and launch iPhoto.

Updates will be posted to filmgold.
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  • nalora

First Time for the Whole thing to go foobar..

Alright I tried to make a new gallery today, and for the first time the whole thing is foobar. All the pictures are broken links. I made this one exactly as I did all the rest, so....anyone got any ideas why this one would be totally bonkers?


I have tried deleting it, beginning again, same song, second verse.


Is there a programmer living that does not over program things?