January 6th, 2005


ordering of galleries, S2

I've been playing about with making my own S2 style for the scrapbook- with the way description doesn't always come across, I'm guessing at this time there's no way to access child gallery descriptions on the GalleryPage? Or is there some pull like for the picture descriptions?

Also, is there a way to set the default view order of the galleries on the index page, like you can with pictures in the galleries? It looks as if they order by when they were created, but I'd love to reorder them more by purpose without having to keep creating new ones and deleting the old.

Is this S2 or not?

I'm just getting into customizing my galleries and I have a quick question.

FotoBilder Core doesn't have string[] views_order defined in the class Page like LJ S2 Core does. Is there anyway I can cross-reference this or do you know where I can find the declaration of views_order so that I can create a custom class in my FB layout?

I can see that FB Core is built upon LJ's S2, but why not carry all of it over and then just add the extra classes and methods needed for FB's purposees?
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MMS post was working, now its stopped....

Hi again. Well, since my last post, where I reported "errors" that were being posted to my journal when I tried to send an MMS to my scrapbook - suddenly, it started working. If I sent the picture, without any text (no name to the file etc...) then it would post it in the LJ_emailpost in scrapbook and make a correstponding entry (1 image) in the LJ.

Well, in the last few days, something has happened. Its not doing anything.

From my end, there is no error in sending. I get no feed back from LJ. There is no picture, there is no error in LJ, there is nothing.

...did something change and I need to reset my settings? Or is it just suddenly incompatiable (like my last boyfriend?!)

I use Cingular as my carrier, in case that has something to do with it. (and I send via MMS)
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Protocol Upload Problems

We're currently experiencing problems with Protocol v1 Uploads. We suspect this is a problem with our new load balancers and are working to get it resolved.

This affects:
  • Windows client
  • Picture posts via LiveJournal's email gateway
  • fotoup.pl
  • any other clients that use the old protocol interface
This does not affect:
  • uploads via the web interface
  • clients using the new protocol
Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll update here when the issue is resolved.

Update: We've been working with the vendors of our load balancers to resolve the issue. A fix should be live within the hour.

Update 2: We have the fix live on our load balancers, but it requires that they be restarted, which will cause approximately 5 seconds of downtime for all of LiveJournal. Because if this we'll be doing the restart later tonight during off-peak time. Sorry for the inconvenience.