December 7th, 2004


Making it look pretty

So I've been experimenting with the Scrapbook program and I am having some trouble with styles. I've skimmed through this community and it seems that most of the posts relate to posting cell phone pictures and/or resizing photos. I'm just fretting about mundane, non-technical matters like how to make the whole thing look pretty on my screen. Hope that's okay.

Specifically: I'm using vestibule sytle, which I think is really cool. The trouble is that I can't change the color scheme outside the windows with the scroll bars and the pictures inside them, so the whole thing looks kind of weird. I was also wondering if there is a way to make the windows with the scroll bars bigger, 'cuz I can't read without scrolling. I'm also confused about why there are two such windows on the page. I suspect that some of these issues are just beta kinks that I can't do anything about, but maybe it's a browser thing? In general, have people been able to manipulate the look of the scrapbook easily? Or has that been a real challenge? I'm using Internet Explorer on Mac OSX, if that helps.

Thanks muchly!! :)