October 6th, 2004


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When I try to upload from a client it starts just fine and the status bar starts going then all of a sudden an error message appears that says, "Account status does not allow upload" and closes out the window. Any help?
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Question Regarding Paid Community Accounts

With the recent implementation of new limits and request for payment of service at Photobucket, I am growing in interest about finding out one thing about this new feature.

I have a community that is a paid account. Is there a way to upload images for that Community? Such as Award Banners and Winning Images? I would prefer to give my money to a place that has more reliable service and this service here would give me more space than Photobucket would with a free account.

Otherwise I am looking at spending another $25 dollars for a service that could be available to all paid accounts, not just personal journals.

Any insight or answers would be greatly appreciated!