September 18th, 2004

  • clojita

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Sure its been mentioned, but I thought Id point out this still annoys me.

When I order my images, and select them all and hit post, it just jumbles them all up and puts them in random order, making my pic comments incoherent since they are disordered.

The border feature does not work.

The spacing for titles and comments are kinda off if you put them under the photos, there should be some extra line breaks in there.

Any way to get around any of this?
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mass effect (new shepard)
  • tilmitt

About child galleries.

Is there a way to make sub-galleries ("child" galleries?) to only display under the parent gallery on the main page? I have one child gallery in my gallery but in addition to it showing under the parent gallery, it also shows up as an individual gallery among the other main galleries. Is there a way to hide it and make it only show under the parent gallery? If it is not possible, I would suggest this option to be added to the service. :)

Also... It might be neat to get a gallery user tag, similar to < lj user="" > but this one would show a gallery user's icon, their LJ username and a link to their image gallery.