September 5th, 2004



This new service looks really great. I'll probably extend my paid time because of it. Anyway, I have a suggestion, but I've no idea how feasible it will be. I already have alot of pictures stored elsewhere on the web that I'd like to transfer over to fotobilder. Rather than me downloading the pictures to my computer and uploading them again, would it be possible to add the fucntionality to do this? Obviously, with the way other photo hosting sites organise their sites, it'd be hard to automate the process for those sites, but for plain /user/gallery/picture.jpg format, it might not be too hard to do?

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Fixing the backgroung image

I'm a user of the S1 style system, as I don't understand S2 very well at all.

While trying to customise my gallery to match my journal style, I encountered the following problem: I can't fis the background image in the bottom left as I have it fixed in my journal. Any chance of allowing this option?

(loving the gallery function, BTW, I imagine I'll use it to it's limits, and would be willing to pay for extra gallery space)
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Problems accessing FB from Mozilla?

I've found for the past few hours that I can't access at all using a Mozilla browser (version 1.7, Win2K). If I try to load anything from within that domain, the browser just sits there pretending to load, gets to about 90% on the status bar and then makes no further progress. It doesn't seem to be timing out or giving an error message.

At first I figured the site was just slow at the moment and wasn't going to do anything about it. But I happened to be using IE for something else and found that it's connecting to perfectly fine. (It's unlikely to be slowness on my end, since I'm using T1 ethernet from work). I haven't had this problem with any other sites. I also don't think it's a subdomain problem, since I can access paid account subdomains on LJ. Also, this problem came up some time in the past few hours; when I first logged on to LJ earlier on, I had no problems seeing pictures on my friends page that are hosted on FB.

Does anyone have any ideas what on earth could be causing this? Could it be a setting in Mozilla that I've accidentally changed, or something? I'm completely baffled.
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