September 4th, 2004

Another phone post question

I'm having trouble posting "picture messages" to my livejournal from my Sony Ericsson t610. I have verified the address that the messages are coming from and made sure that it is on my "allowed senders" list for e-mail posting. I have verified that my phone sends the pictures as .jpg file attachments. (I can post to my Tripod moblog with no problem.) I have tried the PIN both in the address and in the body of the text. Nada.

In troubleshooting, I read this post about the same issue. But I'm still unable to post after trying everything.

Is there something else I could be doing wrong? Or could it be T-Mobile's fault? They add all this extra formatting & banner ad style images to my picture messages for some reason.
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Pre-Alpha release of new FotoBilder Client

As jproulx has mentioned before, and as I asked about a few days back, I've been working on a new client.

Today, I put the finishing touches on my "proof-of-concept", so to speak. It is extremely limited, allowing only single-file uploads and no gallery management, but hey, it does more than nothing! I would love it if those of you who are interested would download a copy and give it a go.

Right now, it's Windows-only. There's a bug in Mono (an open-source reimplementation of Microsoft's .NET framework) that is preventing my client from working on Linux/Mac/etc right now. However, eventually, it will! But yeah, Windows only for now, sorry.

There are a few known issues. Here they are:
  • If you upload a file, then select a new gallery, and click Upload again, the client will crash. I have a pretty good idea why but no time to fix it right now. The fix? Every time you select a new gallery, make sure you select a new file as well.

  • Lack of features. Yes, there's a lot it doesn't do. The point was to make sure it worked first, then add more features later.

  • Bad interface. See lack of features :)
If you stumble across any other crashes or bugs or really anything like that, please do let me know. You can comment to this entry or email me directly at the address on the About tab in the client.

In order to run it, you'll need Windows 98-XP, the .NET 1.1 Framework, and the zip file located here. Just unzip and run.

Note to .NET programmers: no doubt you'll have a peek at the DLL to see if you can do anything. There is utterly no API documentation right now, but it should be easy to figure out. That said, it's neither complete nor polished, so I'd wait. I haven't decided on a license yet, so no general source release, but email me if you want to know more :)

I'm outta here for the long (US) weekend, have a great one, everybody!
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Email-posting and image attachments

I've submitted this as a support request, and on the fotobilder dev community, but I think it's more proper to ask for help here... sorry about the xpost.

I'm using a Motorola V300 through T-Mobile to send a "picture message" to my journal. I don't have any problems email-posting from the phone, but if I include an attachment neither the post nor the image appear. I've tried several different ways (sending a Picture Message, creating a Text Message and then attaching the picture to the msg, etc), but I can't seem to get it to work.

When I send Picture Messages to regular email addresses it always works.

I know I've set up my email-post options correctly because if I send a "text message" (aka email) to my journal it works prefectly.


Thanks in advance!

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