September 1st, 2004

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  • verona

Server Error

I just created a gallery and tried to upload 4 pictures and got this error

Server Error: couldn't parse upload: MogileFS::NewHTTPFile: unable to open socket: Connection refused at (eval 87) line 1

Dunno what that means but there you are.
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Account name suckage

I'd love to start uploading my pictures but for the fact that fotobilder seems to think that my account is still under my ancient username of "sairsquigs" - a name which got changed quite some time ago.
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Looking around

Played around with PHS last night. Uploaded 4 pictures in 6 tries. Didn't seem to like one of the more detailed ones. Layouts and instructions are very simple and easy to follow, as they should be for people not familiar with such things. My only complaint at this time would be navigation between PHS and my journal. Look forward to seeing how this is resolved. :)
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  • eddy_


Firstly, great to see Fotobuilder up and running!

A couple of things I have noticed for one of my galleries, I have chosen an image that is 100x94 pixels as a preview, however when you go to my list of galleries it shows as a rather large 200x188 pixels.

Secondly, when I upload one or two images at a time, everything works fine, however when I upload 10 images in one go, it fails to tell me when the've finished uploading.
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My only thing so far...

Only thing I have an issue with as of yet is that it's a little hard to find the Manage Galleries section. It took me a while to find it, and that was only after I uploaded a third item. Other than that, everything seems all right. ^_^

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(no subject)

This isn't a bug, so much as a suggestion - the issue is with the Vestibule style. When in a subgallery, there isn't a link to jump up to the master gallery.  Only a link to the top-level gallery.  Instead of having a link that says the name of the subgallery -- which is redundant, since clicking it brings you to the same page that you're already on -- it would be more useful to be able to jump up a level.
Regina Mundi

Just tried posting a pic...

Hi all. Just got an album created, but was unable to upload any photos. Tried uploading nine at once, after typing descriptions and all via the web client and got "Server Error: couldn't parse upload: MogileFS::NewHTTPFile: unable to open socket: Connection refused at (eval 87) line 1"

So, took some time off and tried again, this time with just one picture, to the same album - got a new error:

No disk space remaining for your account.

I'm not using much disk space at all, so this isn't correct. (About 1 meg at last count) Any ideas what may be going wrong? I'm using the web client on Safari 1.2.3 on Mac OS X 10.3.5.

My first try at using the photohosting

Try number 1: I got a "command line" error. From comments on another entry, I see that that is probably because I had not yet created an album.

Try number 2: I created an album, and tried to upload two pictures. I got an error message telling me my disk space was full. This is odd, since I had not yet posted any pictures. By the way, I am not using a Mac.

Try number 3: I tried uploading one picture. I was told the upload was successful, but the picture did not appear after the "you have uploaded the following picture" message, and it did not appear in the gallery. In fact, I was told there were no pictures in the gallery. I find that odd, since I had just been told I'd uploaded a picture.

Try number 4: Success! I managed to upload a picture.