August 20th, 2004

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  • johno

Pictures in posts by mail are stored as private.

In addition to this post where extra info is added to the image URL on posting.

I'm also finding that my images are stored in my LJ_emailpost gallery with security private, even when I send the message with the tag "lj-security: public" as the first line of the body.

Note: This is for MMS posts from my new Nokia 6800 phone with ATT mMode service.
Growing pains
  • cmshaw

Bug report: post large images by email

I can post by email with image attachments of up to 23K, but an email with a 24K or larger image attachment fails to either appear in or create a livejournal post. An email with two attachments each under 24K but together 26K works correctly. This is consistent behavior, not just a hitch in the service, as far as I can tell.

Also, no failure message appears either as a reply email or as an error message visible somewhere in when I send a post email with a too-large attachment.
Growing pains
  • cmshaw

Suggestion: post by email to gallery

Description: When posting an image by email, the image is automatically placed in a gallery called "LJ_emailpost". It would be handy if a gallery could be specified in the posting email so that images could be placed directly into other galleries.

Suggestion: Add a header option such as lj-gallery (or fb-gallery?), similar to lj-userpic and lj-security, which gives the name of a gallery. If the gallery doesn't exist or isn't specified, use LJ_emailpost.

Complication: Should the header option allow gallery shortnames, or only actual names?

Server Error: couldn't set upic security: 10

When uploading an image to my aptly-named "Public" album tonight (using the page), I received the following error message:
Server Error: couldn't set upic security: 10
When I checked the album right after this, the image had successfully uploaded, but the security was private.

I did read this post and I'm aware that there is a known problem with randomly private images. I just wasn't sure if this error message was part of that. :)
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