August 18th, 2004

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We're putting a ton of code live on FotoBilder right now. One of the included upgrades requires that we stop traffic to the site while it's done so that database state doesn't change. It should take roughtly 30 minutes. We'll have the site back up ASAP, and afterwards we should have some new toys for everyone to play with. : )

Thanks for your patience.

[Update: Still chuggin' along. Will update when finished.]

[Update: Done. We'll be fixing bugs as we find them.]
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Default Styles...

All the default styles for FotoBilder work fine under all the browsers I've tried, except Vestibule. It behaves fine under Opera, Firefox and Camino, but acts very oddly under Safari and OmniWeb. Under Safari, the Vestibule window is teensy, and under OmniWeb, the window starts teensy, and grows (endlessly) every time you mouseover something. :)

Probably a Javascript quirk of some kind...
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As you know, we've recently upgraded the code on the live site, so almost all of the changes we've been working on are available to you. One of the major things that was updated is the security model of pictures and galleries, and how it relates to LiveJournal... Collapse )

There are a few issues you might run into over the next few weeks:
Randomly private images
Due to all of the changes we've made to security settings, there might be instances of pictures set to private seemingly random. This happens when we don't have enough explicit security information to suggest a new setting, so we make them private just in case.
Incorrect gallery counts
Another remnant issue of our security settings updates. It's pretty minor, and we'll be going through and fixing it over the next couple of days.

That aside, we're still working on interface and backend improvements. Michael's got a spiffy new version of the "Post to LiveJournal" page that's much easier to use, and David has just finished a new feature that will allow you to create LiveJournal user pictures out of your uploaded FotoBilder images.

core layer doesnt do much

the new core layer for fotobilder doesnt do much except display the galleries.

clicking on a gal name comes up with an almost blank page that contains manage links and (pardon for using lj s2 terminology) "Gallery page for $p.journal.username"

going to a url of a pic displays "I am a 'picture' page for $p.journal.username! "

will this change? or is it forcing us to be creative?