August 4th, 2004

Fotobilder core S2 classes

I'm creating a custom layout and I've run across two things that are not currently possible with the current S2 Core Classes. I'd like to ask what people's thoughts about the following are.

Changing the default sort mode of galleries on any page - Currently the default sort mode is Creation Order and S2 provides a form that can be output so the viewer can chose from sort modes including Alphabetical and Recently Updated. However that form only allows a single-time change by appending ?sort=XXX to the end of the URL and refreshing the page. This also only works for the Index Page. The next time someone goes to the page, the sort mode returns to Creation Order. It would be nice if there were a way either somewhere in the management area or within the S2 core classes where the account owner can specify a default sort mode for any list of galleries on his/her pages. That is, the Index Page - the main page that someone sees when they go to, and any Gallery Pages that have a set of nested galleries. It would also be nice if a similar sorting form could be available for subgalleries on a Gallery Page.

Gallery Security Icons - The Gallery Management page allows Galleries to be assigned security levels (Public, Private, Groups). When someone is viewing the Index Page, there is no way in the S2 classes that allows a layout to determine which security level is assigned to a Gallery to indicate to the viewer. It would be very useful if security levels and icons could be associated with the Gallery class just as there are on the Entry class in the LJ core, hence allowing the viewer to realise that he/she is viewing a protected Gallery.

Any thoughts and ideas are appreciated.


Windows Client Error

I've been able to successfully load pictures through the web, but when I use the windows client I recieve the same error.

"InternetWriteFile(12288/822484): The connection with the server was terminated abnormally."

This happens if I try to upload 8 files or 1 file. I know nothing about computers so I do not know if this is the fault of my computer or a fault on livejournal.
  • luka91

Design for uploading images?

I'm testing out the LJ Photo Hosting..

Unfortunately I can't use any client so far, since I'm only with Mac OS 9.2.2 at the moment (only for about a month, hopefully, before I buy a G5)

As it is now, posting images to the journal is very basic (as far as I could find out), which made me think about a design for an optional webinterface, a sort of "The Advanced option" which demand some manual work etc..

Except that, I'm questioning the Upload/uploaded page..

I think it would be better to have a simpler Upload page, with only the image-field/s, and when you get to the uploaded page, you would have the option to write titles and descriptions etc on that page.. (sort of the way the "postpic" page looks like now.. (and with the option of uploading more pictures from that page directly, at the bottom).