August 2nd, 2004

FF Sparks (Casual)

Bug Feedback

I saw a related bug reported below, but I've tinkered for a little while and found a more detailed repro case.

If you create your account and then do 'upload' from the web interface, it says 'your account is not allowed to upload pictures' (and shows such under the status page).  If you attempt to use the clients at this time, you will get the error that you don't have enough disk space.  Once you've created a gallery, the 'no permission to upload' message goes away on the status page, and the upload page works from both the web interface and the clients.  If you delete that gallery, the upload ability still works.

So, it appears you have to create a gallery once for purposes of setup, and then the account will work, regardless of whether or not you actually keep the gallery around later.  This isn't entirely intuitive (especially given the 'your account does not have permission to upload photos' error you get on trying to use the web 'upload' page before creating that first gallery!), so I'm assuming it's a bug. :)
angel in fire

feature requests

here's hoping i'm not duplicating anything....

when i first tried to use fotobilder, i failed miserably due to the firewall i was behind - it wouldn't let me upload anything. however, i didn't get any sort of message about what was going on. if something could be added that either confirms an upload or notifies you that something didn't upload correctly, that would help a lot.

my other request really is a feature request - is it possible to get an option to show pageview counts, either on the page itself or in somewhere in the "manage" section?

Server trouble?

Am I the only one who's been having an awful problem with FotoBilder today? I was able to upload enough pictures for one gallery, but I want to form two full galleries before I show it off to friends, and suddenly I can't load a picture through the website (although I can load the website itself perfectly well). The client also gives an error message of "A connection with the server could not be established" whenever I do anything that involves talking to the server. Is this isolated to me, or are the servers bogged down due to the news post pointing here?

No firewalls going on here other than a NAT.