July 24th, 2004

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From the way-other-end of the computer smartness scale.

I'm doing my feedback duty.

This is a great idea, I think, if it actually is what I think it is.

I was able to download and open the program. That's about as far as I got. I couldn't make a gallery, not that I'm really sure what I would have done with one if I did. Well, actually, I may have named a gallery, but it was empty. And I had no success filling it.

I'm not kidding about being at the other end of the scale. It took me a half an hour to realize I needed to join this community before I could post here.

I'm holding out hope for rescue by my kid the next time she comes over.
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New Win/X11 client

Versions SVN-40 SVN-41 (broke v40 uploading it!) and up of the code at http://www.phase.org/files/ contains a GTK-PHP based client, which has been tested on Windows XP, and should also run on various unix-like OSs that support GTK-PHP.

It can use the same .fotobilder.conf files as the perl client. On Windows it usually expects to find this file in C:\Documents and Settings\winloginname\fotobilder.conf

It can upload *single files* to one or more galleries - there is no directory upload mode yet. It spits out debug info by the bucketload, some of which could even be comprehensible. It is ALPHA CODE and will almost certainly gain sentience, try and take over the world, and make lascivious comments towards your parents!

Note that the archives on that site contain a lot of source code that's nothing to do with the client, so ignore it. I might make a seperate build script that only exports the relevant files later.

See http://www.phase.org/files/INSTALL for install details.

Please note that I can provide NO SUPPORT for this, although I will of course be reading this community as I test the fotobilder code!

Any comments on whether the use of the 'fotobilder' name in the client is appropriate - or any similar issues - are welcome.
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