July 22nd, 2004


Becoming a Beta Tester

Hi guys.

Could we clarify the process for becoming a beta tester?

The panel on the left of this journal says to email fotobilder_user@livejournal.com, but that's just bouncing back messages.

Some people have left comments asking how and those are unanswered.

I'm serious about testing this and have been waiting for this project to become public for quite awhile. I as excited when I heard it came out, but I still can't get to use it...

Thanks guys
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Bug report--orphan galleries

Okay, I did something silly, and now I've got wacky behavior.

I created a gallery called "Iraq", for war-related pictures. I then decided that I wanted to put it inside another gallery.

I clicked its name from the "manage your galleries" screen.

In the "modify selected" window, I chose the action "Add parent gallery". I left the "Parent Gallery" option set to "(select)" (I didn't choose a parent gallery). I clicked "Proceed".

I think I was assuming that either it wouldn't do anything, or it would prompt me to create a new gallery and move "Iraq" into it. (That's what I wanted to do--create a new gallery, and move "Iraq" into it, all at once.)

Instead, the "Iraq" gallery vanished. It wasn't listed in the "Current Galleries" screen at all.

The weirdness continues. Thinking that the gallery was just deleted, I created a new gallery named "Iraq". Then I launched the "Fotobilder" client, clicked the "Choose gallery" button, and clicked "Update List". I got an error, "Gallery 4 unknown". When I deleted my new "Iraq" gallery, I stopped getting that error.

I think what's going on is this: When I changed the parent of the first version of the "Iraq" gallery, it became an orphan. It is still attached to my account, but since it doesn't have a well-defined parent, it doesn't show up in my gallery or in the client. But when I create a second gallery named "Iraq", I start getting errors, because somehow that second gallery is clashing with the first one.

Is there perchance any tool to show all galleries (and track down orphans), the way there is with pictures?

BTW, in case any developers are looking at my account--I went through all the steps again to verify the behavior. (The same thing happened, only the error message changed to "Gallery 9 unknown".) So now, I'm betting that I have two orphan galleries named "Iraq". Feel free to delete them!
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A bug, an annoyance, and a feature request.

1) On the page at http://pics.livejournal.com/fosterbass/pic/00001qgc/ , the "up" link goes to http://pics.livejournal.com/fosterbass/gallery/00001rbe which is "Not Found".

2) Clicking the "provide feedback on this page" button opened the feedback posting form in the browser window that I had a half-written journal entry in. Pressing the back button inserted some of text from the feedback page into my journal entry.

3) Is there a feature to post a thumnail in my journal and have it link to the larger version? (Obviously I can do it myself, but I think it would be useful for members that are not familiar with html).
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Giant pics...

I tried to overload the system by uploading 10 pictures that are about 400k each. It was going well for about ten minutes, then Safai gave me an error message that it could not connect to the server pics.livejournal.com. So my giganto pics made it slightly fubar (ie. time out) . This may be because everyone is trying it, though.