July 14th, 2004

jack - bunny eye con

S2 Layers

Issue creating S2 layer...

I am currently unable to create styles, layers, etc. from the Advanced Custumization page.

It says " You have reached your maximum number of styles."

However, I can create Styles from the regular 'Manage Styles' page. I just can't make any layers to use with my new style...

Functionality in LJ Styles...

I wanted to be able to show either the 5 most recently uploaded photo thumbnails or 5 random thumbnails from a given gallery. Will I be able to show either of these in an LJ S2 style?

I've started a new S2 style for both my journal and picture account, but am not even sure if the info can be shared between the two (thumbnails shown in LJ.com style or LJ.com info shown on pics.lj.com style)
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