July 1st, 2004


Something that came up today

I was trying to upload a jpg file and it appears to meet all the requirements for uploading but it wouldn't get accepted and I kept getting an error message saying that it was the wrong file format. I tried resaving it as a .gif, a .tiff, a .png and from like 5 more programs as a .jpg but none of those would upload. I had no trouble uploading other .jpg's. I finally gave up and posted it to my webpage - http://www.geocities.com/slagoo/knitting-014.jpg If someone could try downloading it and uploading it to theirs to confirm I am not crazy - or possibly that I am crazy I'd appreciate it.
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Image corruption fixed

We’ve been seeing transient problems with images that appear to be corrupt, but only during display. The images themeselves are fine on disk. This problem seemed to reach a head this morning, where nearly 90% of images on the site displayed incorrectly, or didn’t display at all.

We tracked down and corrected the issue - images should be displaying correctly again now. If you’ve noticed the corrupt images today, don’t worry! Your images are OK. :) (Although please do keep in mind that this is a -beta-. We don’t expect anything catastrophic to happen, but don’t store anything yet that you would mind losing.)