October 21st, 2002

  • evan

fotobilder/win release

New release of the Windows client. This is a minor bugfix release, and you don't need it unless the next paragraph applies to you (Ellen, this should fix your problem in particular).

Changes: The Windows installer wasn't installing over an old executable because I never upped the version number. If you installed a new version because I promised some new feature but you didn't see the new feature, try this one.

  • tafkap

(no subject)

Is there any way to get the client to leave error messages up longer?

As Im uploading,I'm getting an error message every 5-6 to pictures.

It flashes to quickly to make out,so i need to do video capture to see what it is.

anywho...here was the message.

It might be a prob related to LJ as Livejournal keeps logging me out as well.

The MD5 problem has also resurfaced.

While Im on the subject,how would changing ones name affect the fotobilder site?

I had considered a while back changing my username,and while I dont have any plans to do so now,I was wondering if that has been discussed.