October 17th, 2002

  • brad

More about shadows

Shadow support improved from last post. The supersimple layout lets you turn shadows on and off, and also select the shadow color. All the other layouts will get the options soon enough ... the code's all generic.

Some non-black shadows against a non-white background:

I made a new theme for super simple called "Forest":

If anybody wants to start making themes, please do! Just play with all the customization settings for some layout until you get something that looks nice, give it a good name, then post it.

For now, only develop themes for supersimple. The other themes aren't reflecting enough options to do anything too interesting with them.

Also, a reminder: you were given disk space because you were supposed to be testing things and reporting problems/shortcomings. *nudge nudge* :-)
  • tafkap

(no subject)

So im playing with the Super Simple style,and i finally got a look that I like,so I saved the theme.

Can be seen here.


So I was going to rearrange my galleries,and start uploading and rearranging the galleries,when I realised I cant delete galleries.

No matter what option I choose,afterwards the gallery remains.

The only way seems to be by deleting all pictures first,then it will allow me to delete the gallery.