October 14th, 2002

  • brad


Just put a big change live, in effort to make the system less confusing.

By default now, all pictures within a gallery are of the same security as the gallery.

If you want "Mixed security" for a gallery, you have to enable it, then the security controls show up in the "Text & Security" page.

Styles manging bug continued..

I also can't create new styles i tried using an existing style as a base as well as using no base and got the same error as before... can't find core layer

Oh i should note that trying to create a new style sends me to the url:


here's the funny part, i went back, and tried again, and [styleid] increased by a factor of one, i tried it again just to make sure and sure enough, it increased again. so it seems something is being created in the db, or at least the sequence is being incremented... i just thought this tidbit might help you find the bug quicker